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Acta Geologica Polonica


Acta Geologica Polonica | 2019 | vol. 69 | No 1 |


A microfauna of small shelly fossils (SSF) is reported here for the first time from middle Cambrian (Series 3, Stage 5) subsurface strata of the Torgau-Doberlug Syncline (TDS), Central Germany. Considering that this microfauna is strongly limited and poorly preserved the material is quite abundant and diverse. The assemblage consists of molluscs (pelagiellids, bivalves), coeloscleritophorans (chancelloriids, halkieriids), poriferids, protoconodonts, cambroclaves, hyoliths, brachiopods, and disarticulated echinoderm remains. Additionally, a probable pterobranch hemichordate is noted. The assemblage is dominated by epifaunal suspension feeders from mid- to outer shelf depositional settings. Stratigraphically it represents (together with rare trilobites) the oldest middle Cambrian (Series 3, Stage 5) fauna known from Central Germany and the entire Saxothuringian Zone. Regardless the taphonomic problems related to the SSF occurrence, close palaeobiogeographic relations are indicated with the Mediterranean shelf of West Gondwana (especially with the areas of southwestern Europe and Morocco). The reported microfauna coupled with recent trilobite and palynomorph research supports assumptions that the Cambrian succession in the TDS is by far more complete than hitherto suggested, emphasizing its importance as a region yielding Cambrian rocks in Central Europe.

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Ireneusz Walaszczyk, Faculty of Geology, University of Warsaw, Poland

Editorial Advisory Board Andrzej Radwański, University of Warsaw, Poland Zdzisław Bełka, Adam Mickiewicz University Poland Max Laurence Coleman, The University of Reading, U.K. Jerzy Fedorowski, Adam Mickiewicz University Poland Ryszard Gradziński, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland Peter J. Harries, University of South Florida, USA John W.M. Jagt, Natuurhistorisch Museum Maastricht, The Netherlands William James Kennedy, Oxford Natural History Museum, U.K. Jan Kutek, University of Warsaw, Poland Anatoly MikhailovicNikishin, Moscow State Univesity, Russia Nestor Oszczypko, Jagiellonian University, Poland Michał Szulczewski, University of Warsaw, Poland Karl-Armin Tröger, Technische Universiät, Freiberg, Germany Sue Turner, Queensland Musem, Australia Alfred Uchman, Jagiellonian University, Poland Jerzy Znosko, Stage Geological Survey, Poland Andrzej Żelaźniewicz, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland


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